“Jeremy is a role model for anyone that has heard his courageous story. After hearing Jeremy speak … I was inspired to participate and finish in my first 5K race. I am honored to know Jeremy and call him a friend.”

-Susan Lynch, MD
First Lady of New Hampshire

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“One thing I could not ignore as I began my season as a Pro Triathlete was the importance of core strengthening.  Functional core strength training reduces your risk of injury, increases your level of performance, and will bring you to a whole new level.  I look forward to this class and it is one of the most important workouts I do each week. Thank you Jeremy!”

– Amber Ferreira

  • 2009 New Hampshire Female Triathlete of the year
  • 2010 National Snowshoe Champion
  • 2010 Kona IM qualifier



“When I started training with Jeremy, I had two goals: one was my ‘realistic’ goal and the other my ‘unrealistic’ goal. I have surpassed my ‘unrealistic’ goal and am still going. Jeremy has put me through some of the most intense workouts I have ever experienced; he pushes me to the limit and absolute exhaustion, but the results speak for themselves. I look forward to all of my training sessions.

Jeremy is motivational without being overbearing. He has an ability to get the most out of you during your training, so that just when you think you couldn’t possibly do one more exercise he shows you that you can! He encourages you to be the very best you can, to be proud of how you improve and to always have fun.”

– Pam A.