Athlete’s Edge

Are you looking for that edge you know you have, that you know that you can reach!? Well here it is…Athlete’s Edge! Taking your mental focus, and your physical abilities to the Next Level!

Athlete’s Edge will bring your son or daughter to the next level within 1 month’s time! The program will be a modified version of a Pro Athlete training program. That’s guaranteed! The quality of the workout will be given a 100% effort, dedicated, knowledgeable, and diverse advanced driven set of exercises by me, Jake Cheney to bring your Athlete’s game to the Next Level!!

The results that Athlete’s Edge will provide will be:
Increased speed, power, strength, endurance, agility, core performance, stability, balance, improve pilar strength-which is hips, shoulders, and core. Each skill, exercise, circuit, and activity will give each athlete that edge you will need to be the best!

The program will be based on a 6 and 8 week plans. We will be running Athlete’s Edge programs Monday and Wednesday at 3:30pm each day. Space is limited.

Each Athlete will be able to choose from 2 packages to reach their Next Level of Performance!! The 6-Week pack will be $175. If you are looking to Do More, and Challenge Yourself with Athlete’s Edge, we have an 8-week program for $235.